Bricktop Recording

Bricktop Recording is a unique, fully equipped recording studio located in Chicago's Northeast Pilsen neighborhood. Founded in 2007 by Pete Grossmann & Andy Nelson, they set out to create a studio that was both comfortable and conducive to creativity. Throughout their 10+ years of experience engineering and touring in bands, Andy & Pete have worked on albums released through reputable labels such as Relapse, Prosthetic, Epitaph, Triple Crown, Equal Vision, Run for Cover Records, Metal Blade, as well as THQ Games' "Homefront: Songs for the Resistance" soundtrack.

Bricktop's enormous 500 square foot live room with 20' ceilings helps make instruments sound huge without artificial reverb while their dead room is bone dry for sources that need to sound upfront and intimate. The control room offers an accurate and cozy listening environment which enables mixes to translate well on every system. In addition to great sounding rooms, a large variety of instruments are available to clients including custom maple Shine drums, amplifiers from Soldano, Sunn 0))), Emperor, Marshall, Mesa, Fender and Rivera.

The utmost care has been taken in the acoustical design and selection of recording equipment and instruments. Bricktop Recording boasts a custom console with vintage Neve, Neotek, Vintech & API Inputs, Pro Tools HD3 Accel,  Apogee converters as well as a generous selection of quality mic's, mic pre amps, eq's and compressors. With the analog front end more than amply covered, the digital side can hold its own with plug ins from Waves API, SPL, Melodyne, Slate Digital, Antares Auto-Tune and countless more.

Bricktop Recording can help you achieve your artistic vision. Whether its a full length/ep/demo from start to finish or just mixing/overdubs/reamping, we can help anywhere along the way. Rates start at $250 per 9 hour day/$30 per hour. Contact for general inquiries or Pete Grossmann [] / Andy Nelson [] directly for a quote on your project.

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